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All our products are designed and produced in Norway, the land of the Vikings. Click on the left side meny, where you will find all our items in silver, gold and bronze. We only have online store.

CORONA: Delivery abroad will have a delay in delivery due to the ongoing Corona pandemi. If you want fast delivery I recomend using DHL Express as delivery courier regarding more expencive items.

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Snorre Viking Jewelry

Snorre Viking Jewelry is a creation based upon findings and close studies of jewelry which dates back to the era 300 -1100 A.D.,  mainly from the Viking Age. The Snorre Jewelry is always beeing created according to the best workmanship of the Nordic tradition. Snorre Jewelry is produced from 925 S sterling silver, 585 gold and golden bronze.

Snorre Vikingsmykker er skapt ved delvis kopi av Nordiske funn fra år 300-1100 e.Kr. hovedsakelig fra Vikingtiden. Smykkene er laget etter nøye studier av smykker fra denne perioden. Snorre smykkene er skapt i de beste Nordiske håndverksmessige tradisjoner i sølv 925S, gull og gullbronse.